2012 Conference

First International  Conference for Social Psychiatry in Egypt

The Psychological Health & Awareness Society in Egypt (PHASE) is greatly honored to invite you to attend and participate at the First International  Conference for Social Psychiatry in Egypt,  co-sponsored by

  • World Psychiatric Association (WPA)
  • World Association for Social Psychiatry (WASP)
  • Kasr El Eini Faculty of Medicine Psychiatry Department, Cairo University,

which will be held in Cairo, Egypt, on 28 & 29 November 2012.

The main theme of the congress is “Bridging the Gap between Psychological Health and  Society”.

From our experience came the realization of the need to organize a public conference where the importance of mental health in the community would be emphasized.Topics around which would be evolving the conference are mainly psychosocial phenomena that are frequently encountered in our societies and affect individuals, families, community institutions and society as a whole: Addiction, Violence and Coping with chronic illnesses.

Suggested topics are:

  • Psychiatry in the Arab spring countries;
  • Women and mental health in Islamic societies;
  • Psychosocial aspects of addiction;
  • Psychosocial aspects of violence, specially against women and children;
  • Coping with chronic medical conditions: Psychosocial aspects of cancer, chronic hepatitis and HIV.

Welcome to the conference and to Cairo in November, a very pleasant time to visit.

Participate to the conference and enjoy Egypt and its numerous treasures.

Conference President:
Prof. Samir Aboulmagd ChairPerson Psychological Health & Awareness Society in Egypt
Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine Cairo University

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