PHASE Partners

Cooperation with other organizations

P.H.A.S.E signed cooperation protocols with more than 20 NGOs and numerous Universities for the exchange of knowledge and participation in community services, namely the institutions under the supervision of Prof. Louis Crocq (France), Prof. Juan Lopez-Ibor (Spain), Prof. David Baron (U.S.A), Prof. Amira Seif Eldin (University of Alexandria), Prof. Lamis El Ray (Cairo University), Prof Unaiza Niaz (Pakistan).

  1. Italian Cooperation in Egypt
  2. Drosos Foundation & Family Health International
  3. Al Fanar Foundation

4- National Council for Childhood & Motherhoood

  1. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime  (UNODC)
  2. European Union (Child Trauma Network)
  3. Kasr El Aini Medical School Egypt
  4. Faculty of Medicine Temple University-USA
  5. Faculte de Medecine Universite Pierre et Marie Curie -Paris- France
  6. Universitad Complutense de Madrid-Spain
  7. Public Medical Provider Services
  8. Public and Private Business Companies
  9. Woman Health Improvement Association  (Tahseen el seha)
  10. Child Mental Health Association in Alexandria
  11. Counseling Offices:  United Group for legal consultancy
  12. Association of  Diplomats spouses in Egypt
  13. World Psychiatric Association
  14. Egyptian Psychiatric Association
  15. Arab Psychiatric Association
  16. World Association for Social Psychiatry